Serves for the health of Power Plants since 2013

Performance Test and Energy Audit

Conduct the Performance Test & Energy Audit to determine the;


v  Boiler efficiency / Functional checking

v  Boiler output & assessment for capacity enhancement

v  Power output & checking possibilities for enhancement

v  Plant heat rate & checking possibilities for optimization

v  Aux. power consumption& checking possibilities for reduction

v  Modification in the system and payback period projection

v  Fuel sizing and FHS operation optimization / Excess air optimization

v  Rotating equipments operation optimization

v  TG Heat rate assessment

v  Steam purity assessment

v  Emission level assessment

v  Noise level assessment

v  Net plant heat rate optimization

v  Water consumption optimization

v  Chemical consumption optimization

v  CT cooling range optimization

v  CT make up water optimization

v  DM make up water optimization

v  Ash handling system operation optimization

v  Replacement / up gradation of plant equipment

v  Plant start-up & operation, Stabilization after retrofit

v  Plant performance evaluation study after retrofit

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