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Pre Commissioning & Commissioning Services


Pre-Commissioning activity will start when a system or subsystem Mechanical completion done.

Boiler / Power plant Pre-Commissioning services of all types and capacities, which includes;


v  System completion checking includes walk down checks, system inspection, and punch list preparation

v  Ensuring punch list completion

v  Making the Mechanical, E&I system ready for commissioning

v  Trial operation of all rotating equipments.

v  Flushing, Chemical and Mechanical Cleaning

v  Electrical System Energizing

v  Instrumentation Verification

v  Checking of all logics and controls of all systems



Commissioning is a verification process & confirm that a facility has been designed, procured, fabricated, installed, tested, and prepared for operation in accordance with design drawings and specifications.

Boiler / Power plant commissioning services of all types and capacities, which includes;


v  Pre-Commissioning checks

v  Oil Systems Flushing

v  Function testing of safety systems

v  Function testing of installed equipment to its full capacity

v  Chemical cleaning & passivation

v  Calibrations of control valves and instruments

v  Refractory dry-out and Alkali boil-out

v  Steam blowing and Safety valve setting

v  Commissioning of boiler / power plant equipments

v  Conducting reliability run test

v  Conducting performance test

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